Årdal Maskinering supports UN’s sustainability targets and work purposefully towards a sustainable development within the company. Therefore, sustainability is naturally an important part of our strategy. Sustainability and innovative solutions are central topics in all new investments.

Sustainability is about eliminating waste of resources throughout the economy. There are great opportunities to focus on green growth in the industry, by reducing the use of resources while increasing production. The industry can achieve this by implementing better infrastructure, disruptive technology and greater use of better and more environmentally friendly industrial processes.

Already, the company has implemented several solutions that have brought us a large step further into “the green shift”.

A central part of our actions within sustainability is recycling. By using modern technology, digitalization and increased use of robots in our processes, as well as increasing the recycling rate, the industry has great opportunity to reduce the use of resources.

These are examples of some of our concrete measures:

  • Solar cell plants.
  • Recycling of steel.
  • Central system for coolants.
  • Robotization and digitalization of production (such as AM function)



Main goal
UN’s 17 sustainability goals is the world’s joint working plan to eradicate poverty, fight inequality and stop the climate changes within 2030. Sustainable development shall contribute to our meeting the current needs without destroying the possibilities of future generations to meet their needs.

The company has selected 3 of these targets that we prioritize

  • Sustainability target no. 12 «Responsible use and production». Ensure sustainable patterns of usage and production.
  • Sustainability target no. 9 «Innovation and infrastructure». Build solid infrastructure, further inclusive and sustainable industrialization and contribute to innovation.
  • Sustainability target no. 13 «Stop the climate changes». Act immediately to fight the climate changes and their consequences.

We also focus on the remaining sustainability targets.