CSR – Årdal Maskinering AS

Årdal Maskinering AS takes our role in the society around us seriously, and we strive towards being a good company for those whose everyday lives we are a part of. This is because we wish to influence people and the environment positively in all our activities and decisions.

Our CSR policy is the company’s continuous obligation to behave ethically and contribute to financial development while improving the quality of life for our work force, as well as for the local community and the rest of the society.


We take responsibility through transparent and ethical behavior such as:

  • Contributing to sustainable development
  • Taking the expectations of interested parties into account
  • Meeting applicable laws and international norms for behavior
  • Being integrated into the entire organization and practiced in our relations.

This responsibility includes 3 important areas:

  • Financial responsibility
  • Social responsibility
  • Environmental responsibility