The goal of Årdal Maskinering is to create a workplace where no loss or damage is done to persons, property or our surroundings.

The company is bound to ensure that health, safety, environment and wellbeing is maintained for all our employees in accordance with the company’s HSE policy. We will also maintain the safety for customers, suppliers, neighbors and visitors, as far as possible.

All employees are entitled to a safe work environment, and we value workplace safety greatly. We continuously work to ensure a healthy and safe work environment for all our employees. This is secured through our HSE system, which is based on the company’s HSE policy, risk assessments and HSE goal.

All documentation, such as procedures, work instructions, risk analyses, policies, organizational charts, contingency plans, are established in Antenor BMS.

The system is open and available for audit for anyone who wishes to do so. We expect our employees to follow the laws and regulations applicable to the work site.