NDT – Årdal Maskinering AS

NDT/MPI/Hardness testing
We have an internal NDT department. The inspections are carried out by level 2 certified personnel according to ISO 9712. All processes are revised and approved by level 3 inspectors.


internal services

Penetrant testing (PT)
We perform inspections using both conventional and fluorescent penetrant.
This is a non-destructive testing method to demonstrate material defects, such as cracks, pores and similar, in the surface of non-porous materials.

Magnetic Powder Testing (MT)
This is a non-destructive testing method for demonstrating material defects in the surface, and directly under the surface in ferro-magnetic (magnetizable) materials.

We perform PMI (positive material identification) measurements as a quality control for all types of metallic materials. The control is carried out to verify that the materials have the right quality, and within pre-defined material specifications added to the gun’s library. PMI measurements are carried out using an XRF X-ray gun.

Hardness testing
We carry out multiple types of hardness testing. We have a table mounted HRC (+HRB) meter and mobile UCI meter. The testing is carried out according to ISO 6508/ASTM E18 and ASTM 1038.

Visual inspection
Under ideal conditions, a visual inspector will be able to see the following indications:
– Round (half-round) indication/enclosure of around 0.25 mm.
– Line enclosure with a width of around 0.025 mm.
– The inspectors go through annual vision tests as part of their level 2 certification.


If the demand is great, we hire external NDT operators. Our NDT suppliers are carefully selected and are considered critical suppliers. They are subject to the same requirements as our internal inspections. This entail, for example, that we carry out annual audits of all their processes.

In addition to performing the same services as our internal department, they also carry out inspections such as: X-ray and Ultrasound